WELTZ: Close enough works well

I have found that many anglers are overly concerned with finding an exact replication of food sources when anything close will do. Often so much time is spent fretting over species, sex, and colour of a food source that the bite (feeding period) is missed. I know this may sound sacrilegious to some, but the truth is simplicity is the key to more fish.

Faced with the reality that once light is removed all things turn black, appearance becomes more important than colour. I show this in my classes with an overhead projector. I hold up a bright-coloured fly and ask the class to tell me the colour. Next I place the fly on the lens of the overhead and project it on the wall; the image requires no further explanation.

Secret four: The silhouette of a food source is more important to fish than colour. So when you choose your lures or flies, think size, shape, then colour.


The report

Fishing on our region’s lakes is good, as well as any interior waterways.

Although river levels in our regions two and three have been dropping for two weeks, they are still not what I would call fishable for many shore anglers. Spring and pink fisheries are open. We are hoping to see sockeye open soon. Detailed reporting on these areas will resume when angling access is reasonable for everyone.

Jeff Weltz writes regularly on fishing for The Mission Record.

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