Serge Pasquali delivers a stone at Trail Retirees Curling. Photo: submitted.

Trail Retiree Curling: Team Pasquali holds off Noble

Trail Retiree Curling Club started up its second session last week

Trail Retiree Curling was more about practice than purpose last week, and preparing for the second session.

Team Serge Pasquali scored three in the sixth end to go up 7-6 against team Bruce Noble. Both teams were curling well up to that point, but in the seventh end Team Pasquali was a stone better, and stole a single point.

Going for two or three in the eighth, Team Noble was again one stone short and gave up a single. Make the final 9–6 for Pasquali.

In a low scoring game between team Dan Horan and team Harvey Handley, it was a steal of one in the sixth and two in the seventh end that propelled team Handley to a 6-2 lead. In the eighth, team Horan could only muster a single in a well played end.

Team Alvin ‘The Bandit’ Caron started the game against team Pat Burke with a steal of three, then added another steal of two in the second.

A feisty Team Burke replied with three in the third and a steal of one in the fourth. Team Caron came right back with two in the fifth, to make it seven to four. Alvin, complete with mask, proceeded to steal one in six and three in the seventh end. Needing seven to tie and eight to win, Team Burke settled for a single in eight.

Teams Murray Walsh and Tom Hall faced off against each other, again, to start the second session. With great shots made by all eight players it was only fitting that it should end in an 8 – 8 draw.

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