Super League Curling

Staring down the end of playoffs.

As the last battle comes down, the teams continue to clash in search of Super League supremacy.

CDC and Willis Harper faced off in the B playoffs.

CDC seems to have caught it’s playoff stride. A fantastic double raise take-out in the seventh end hobbled the opposition so CDC could come out on top 7-6.

In the other B playoff, Quesnel Golf and Karen’s Deli fought to be the top of the bottom.

It was another sold out crowd at the rink Wednesday night. The pro golf crowd was treated to an olympian display of curling. The Golf Boys thinly sliced their way to victory over Karin’s Deli, 7-1. Four lucky spectators won a three pack of golf balls to be divided equally.

Billy Barker and Sky Hi Scaffolding fought to attain the heights of the super league in one half of the A playoffs.

After stumbling early in the playoffs, the Billy is back. The Billy Barker boys tore down the scaffolding and returned to their fine form of old with a convincing 8-6 win over Sky Hi.

The second half of the A playoffs had A&W and the Investors Group seeking glory.

A&W started strong, stealing two in the first and one in the second. Investors Group got two back in the third, but A&W pulled away with a convincing eight to three score to go 2-0 in the playoffs.

Who will fall and who will rise in the Super League Standings? Check back next week for the answer to this burning question.


Quesnel Cariboo Observer