Sunny start to soccer season in Salmon Arm

The soccer season is well underway now and Saturdays are filled with 1,100-plus kids from ages three to 18 years.

The soccer season is well underway now and Saturdays are filled with 1,100-plus kids from ages three to 18 years playing soccer on fields all over town starting at 8:30 in the morning and not finishing until 8 o’clock at night.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day with real sunshine and no rain to be seen. Unfortunately sunshine and dry weather has been the exception rather than the rule this year and we’ve had days that the fields were closed due to standing water.

The City of Salmon Arm monitors the field conditions and controls closures in co-ordination with the Shuswap Recreation Society.

Normally they are able to give us 24 hour’s notice that the fields will be closed so that we can notify players and coaches but that doesn’t always happen. If you are ever wondering if your child’s practice or game is happening, please be sure to check our website, for status updates.

We generally update the site within minutes of receiving notification from the city and, as you cannot always get someone on the phone, this is the single most reliable way of confirming whether you should get your soccer player geared up and down to the pitch.

Last Saturday’s sunshine was a spectacular bonus to the start of the 2012 Timbits soccer program. More than 160 players aged three to five years came out to experience their first dynamic session with Coach Steve (Miller), all decked out in their fancy new soccer jerseys.

(Which team was the loudest again? Was that the blue team? Coach Steve didn’t say for sure but I know he did a few backwards somersaults that day.)

We’re not sure who had more fun but we know for a fact that Coach Steve was still wearing a big smile after four sessions, even though he was a bit weary after the four hours of high energy performance compounded by some serious jetlag.

Thank you to all the players, parents and grandparents who came out for opening day and making it such a great success. A special thank you to all the volunteers as team contacts who made it so much easier and did such a great job.

Team picture taking is underway this week and finishing up next Monday. Your team should already have either had their picture taken or know when they’re scheduled.

These picture sessions will only be rescheduled if we need to cancel due to weather conditions so be sure to be on time and in your team shirt so that we can get as many players as possible in these pictures.

This year has had its bumps, just like all seasons, but it’s been really nice to hear the support from parents, players and volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to share their appreciation for the hard work that goes into getting the season started.

Remember, none of this would happen without our volunteers either so please be sure to thank your coaches, team contacts, division co-ordinators and board members.

Salmon Arm Observer