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Summerland Senior Men play all net golf event

Summerland Ladies Club

  • Sep. 29, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Summerland Ladies Club

On Sept. 22, the Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club earned points for putting. Three points for a chip in (no putts), two points for one putt and one point for two putts.

First flight: First Helen Pybus, 25; second Carol Mulligan, 22; third Lil Smith, 21.

Second flight: First Betsy McAndrew, 21; second Norma Chambers, 20; third (tie) Pat Stohl, Lynne Karaim, Ellen Clay, 18.

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Summerland Senior Men

On Sept. 17, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played an all net scores event.

Jeff Clarke was the overall Low Net winner from the third flight with a fine net 66. Four players shared the deuce pot, Jim Haddrell, Rick Sander, Art Lappalainen and Dave Cain.

First flight: First low net Dennis Glasscock, 70; second low net Rick Sander, 71; third low net Bob Fortune, 72 cb; fourth low net Greg Flook, 72.

Second flight: First low net David Smith, 68 cb; second low net Dave Evans, 68; third low net Andy Webster, 72; fourth low net Les Brough, 75.

Third flight: First low net Jeff Clarke, 66; second low net Dave Cain, 70; third low net Rick Drewnisz, 73; fourth low net Rob Dickeson, 75.

On Sept. 24, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played a waltz time event, counting 1-2-3 net scores.

Results: First Dennis Glasscock, George Carswell, Nick Coe and Jeff Clarke, 85; second by countback Alf Vaagen, Al Thomas, Bob Dickeson and Old Man Par, 84; third Bill Webster, Dave Cain, Bary Wicker and Chuck Harman.

Gary Hollingshead, Art Lappalainen and Bob Fortune shared the deuce pot.

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