Summerland Curling Club results

Summerland Curling Club results from its 11 leagues

Tip of the week

A delivered stone cannot be touched by any item as it is going down the sheet of ice. This is called a burnt stone, and must be removed from play. Any rocks moved by a burnt stone should be replaced to original position.


Mon Senior men  9:30 am   Jan 13 , 2014

Lionel Coleman           defeated           Paul Cowen

Stan Green                  defeated           Bob Ezart

Dale Abrey                  defeated            Hector Cartier


Mon   men  7:30 p.m  Jan 13, 2014

Stan Green                  defeated           Mike Lemke

Brian Hodgson            defeated           Rick Drewnisz

Steve Clement              defeated           Gary Raymond

Ken Rae                      defeated           Dale Abrey


Tue mixed   9:30  am  Jan 14, 2014

Bill Moffat                  tied                  Bob Ezart

Jim Hunt                     tied                  Ev Gillespie

Bill Penman                 defeated           Hector Cartier

Jerry Lidin                   defeated           Barb Ezart


Tue  Ladies    7:00 p.m  Jan 14, 2014

Lil Blashko                  defeated           Wendi Archer

Harlene Knorr             defeated           Judy Beck

Betty Raymond           defeated          Diana Leitch

Gail Ostaficiuk            defeated           Bev Skinner


Wed Senior men  9:30 am   Jan 15 , 2014

Lionel Coleman           defeated           Stan Green

Hector Cartier              defeated           Bob Ezart

Doug Cade                  defeated           Doug Steinke


Wed Men pm  Jan 15 ,   7:00 pm    2014

Glen Brennan              defeated           Ken Rae

Dave Tether                 tied                  Bob Walker

Dave Gartrell               defeated           Louie Costa

Rick Drewnisz             defeated           Gary Wingerak



Gary Raymond            defeated           Eric Cooper


Thur  Ladies  Jan 16, 9:30 am  2014

Bev Skinner                 tied        Virginia Cundliffe

Diana Leitch                defeated           Betty Raymond

RoseMarie Fenrich      defeated           Ev Gillespie


Thur  Open  Jan 16 , 6:45 pm  2014

Clem Beaulac              defeated           Jerad St. John

John Egyed                defeated           Doug Patan

Tony Blashko               defeated          Eric Johnson

Glen Brennan              defeated           Gary Raymond



Ken Rae                      defeated           Russ Lemke


Fri mix 6:30 pm        Jan 17,   2014

Patty Eldridge              defeated           Blair Stuckey

Dave Hood                  tied                    Allen Tower

Dan Laktin                  defeated           Ian Rogers

Gavin Griffiths            defeated   Tracy Waddington


Fri mix 8:30 pm        Jan 17,   2014

Bob Wareham             defeated           Val Utigard

Steve Favel                  tied                  Bonnie Young

Louie Costa                 tied                  Sue Woods



































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