Sports council brand new in North Kootenays

Sports councils serve many purposes, however, until October, one didn’t exist in our region.

Trisha Shanks

Arrow Lakes News

There are examples of B.C. sport councils in Nelson, Kamloops, and Abbotsford as well as many focused on specific parties such as the Aboriginal Sport Council of BC. Sports councils serve many purposes, however, until October, one didn’t exist in our region.

Val Mayes, founding member of our new local sports council said, “I think that credit for the original idea should really go to Lynda Lafleur, who in her capacity as the CBT rep for the area saw that sport and recreation groups were working in isolation or sometimes in competition, and realized that they could be much more successful if they had a way to work together.”

Rebecca Sargent, who is the Council Coordinator says, “We can credit the working team: Val Mayes, Janis Neufeld, Troy Clark, Barb Chwachka, Joleen Minchin, and Kip Drobish for founding the council over the spring and summer of 2014.”

According to their brochure, “The North Kootenay Region is a working definition including Kaslo, Nakusp, New Denver, Slocan and everyone in the surrounding areas.”

Sargent says, “The council aims to connect and support smaller communities within the ‘North Kootenay’ region, giving them a unified voice in local government decisions surrounding sport and rec, and to avoid splitting the already small population by offering courses or holding fundraisers in collaboration rather than competition.”

They are hoping to get membership up to around 50 in the first year, “especially if most of them were groups who could then connect us to their members for opportunities such as courses, workshops, grants or funding, and shared events,” says Sargent. The council will also be able to pool training opportunities, share services such as meeting spaces and mailing lists, and to act as a signal booster for information and promotion of all of the different types of sports that occur in the region.


For membership information visit or find them on Facebook, North Kootenay Sport and Recreation Council.



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