Ski Tracks

Ski season begins with the first flurries of snow.

Falling snow means the ski season is starting, kicking off the Jackrabbit Program December eighth, with two to 12 year-olds striding and gliding through the Hallis Lake trails.  Saturday mornings and some Monday nights youth click on their skis to play games, have fun races and go on adventures up and down hills, through bush trails and groomed tracks, even taking some jumps in the adventure park.

The Jackrabbit Program is built to actively engage youth in winter sport while building skills and confidence through games on skis.  As youth progress through the program, they will focus more on skill building, setting them up to transition into other skill development programs like Track Attack and Biathlon.

Balance, coordination and fitness are the lifelong benefits of cross country skiing which are adaptable to all other sports but when doubled up with fun games and activities, young skiers quickly become impressive athletes without even realizing they are learning new skills during the eight to ten sessions through the winter ski season.

To participate in the Jackrabbits Program simply register at Rocky Peak Adventure Gear downtown, or check out the club’s website for program information.

There are special Jackrabbit rental rates and more Cariboo Ski Touring Club activity and program information at

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