League standings and game results from Summerland.


Summerland Curling Club

Results Nov: 30 to Dec. 4

Monday morning senior men: Warren Parker defeated Hector Cartier, Eric Johnson defeated Bob Ezart, Paul Martin defeated Dale Abrey, Eric Williams defeated Stan Green.

Monday evening men: Rob Robinson tied Steve Clement, Don Lawrence defeated The Keens, Stan Green defeated Mike Rudniski, Dale Abrey defeated Rick Drewnisz.

Tuesday morning mixed: Jerry Lidin defeated Barb Ezart, Marilyn Cahoon defeated Bob Ezart, Bill Penman defeated Hector Cartier, John Nicolson defeated Jules Dore.

Tuesday evening ladies: Diana Leitch defeated Lil Blashko, Jodie Brennan defeated Bev Skinner, Jackie Clement defeated Gail Ostaficuik, Wendi Archer defeated Betty Raymond.

Wednesday morning senior men: Eric Johnson defeated Paul Cowen, Dale Abrey defeated Bob Ezart, Paul Martin defeated Stan Green, Hector Cartier defeated Eric Williams.

Wednesday evening men: Gary Wingerak defeated John Fitzgerald, Louis Costa defeated Doug Campbell, Dave Gartrell defeated Gary Raymond, Bruce Dacre defeated Ken Rae, Rick Drewnisz defeated Glen Brennan.

Thursday morning ladies: Diana Leitch tied Barb Ezart, Marilyn Cahoon defeated Gail Ostaficuik, RoseMarie Fenrich defeated Ev Gillespie.

Thursday evening open: Dale Abrey defeated Glen Brennan, John Egyed defeated John McKay, Jodie Brennan defeated Russ Lemke, Tony Blashko defeated Louis Costa.

Friday evening mixed: Al Tower defeated Dave Hood, Jerry McKenna defeated Dan Laktin, John Fitzgerald defeated Doug Patan, Steve Callaghan tied Cliff Rose.

Friday late evening: Ian Rogers defeated Colleen Deleff, Armand Houle defeated Linda Whittome, Brian Budzinski defeated Brian Harris, Arnie Young defeated Cliff Last.

Junior curling is Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. after school.

Tip of the week: The person delivering a stone must release the stone before the first hog line.


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