Game summaries and league standings from Summerland.


Summerland Ladies Club

On Aug. 9, the Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club played a low gross/low net event.

First Flight: First low gross Carol Mulligan, 84; first  low net Gwen Redfern, 73; second low gross Linda Brussee, 87; second low net Val Eibner, 74.

Second Flight: First low gross Pat Gartrell, 93; first low net Frances Colussi 78 (countback); second low gross Joanne Gartrell, 101; second low net Pat Stohl 81 (countback).

Third Flight: First low gross Maribel Rothfield, 107; first low net Ellen Clay, 72; second low gross Betsy McAndrew, 113; second low net Sheila Westgate, 84.

Summerland Senior Ladies Club

On Aug. 11, the Summerland Senior Ladies Club played a criss cross event.

Results: First Jean Walker, 58; second Pat Stohl, 59; third Gwen Redfern, 60; fourth Helen Pybus, 61; fifth Janis Goll, 62.

Summerland Senior Men’s Club

On Aug. 11, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played an all net scores event.

Barry Wicker had the best low net with a 69, while six players shared the deuce pot. They were Greg Flook, Alf Vaagen, Barry Wicker, Neville Crane, Herb Williams and Rick Gotobed.

First Flight: First Greg Flook, 71; second Bryce Parker, 72 cb; third Dave Carleton, 72 cb; fourth Bob Fortune, 72.

Second Flight: First Barry Wicker, 69; second Rick Gotobed, 70; third Peter Schnurr, 72; fourth Reg Crane, 73.

Third Flight: First Terry Steinke, 70; second Ron Unger, 71 cb; third Jeff Clarke, 71; fourth Doug Marchesi, 72 cb.

Fourth Flight: First Bob Tamblyn, 72; second Herb Williams, 73; third Jim Woods, 73 cb; fourth Al Thomas, 76.


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