Rockies take third in River Boat Days slo-pitch tournament

The Prince Rupert Seamen and three Kaien Island Softball League (KISL) teams hit the road to take part in Terrace's Riverboat Days.

The Prince Rupert Seamen and three Kaien Island Softball League (KISL) teams hit the road to take part in Terrace’s Riverboat Days, and while the rugby’s Seamen had mixed results and were just able to field a complete side, it was Bob’s Rockies that almost stole the show on the diamond.

The Rupert squad placed third in the 16-team softball tournament that saw six Terrace teams compete along with three Prince Rupert sides (the Rockies, SOBs, and Grassy Bay).

In the round-robin, the Rockies faced two Terrace teams, one that they defeated by two runs, and the second game lost 15-0.

They also faced a Kitimat team on their way to third-place, and the Rockies’ Trevor Girbav won the evening’s home run derby.

“I hit two out [of the park], and one off the fence,” said Girbav, who notched them in fields bigger than the men’s and women’s diamonds in Prince Rupert.

The derby was part of a skills competition put on during the Riverboat Days.

As for the Seamen, the rugby team could only field seven players for their 7’s matchups, which is just enough to field a team with no subs.

“We did pick up some subs from Terrace,” said the Seamen’s George Baker.

“Terrace lent us some players in every game. The actual tournament itself turned into a more fun kind of event. It was just Terrace plus us.”

Rupert lost their first match with the Northmen, but won their second in a game against some high school players mixed with athletes from the Northmen’s adults.

Cody Schaeffer, 15, also joined ranks with the Seamen. Schaeffer plays a number of sports for Charles Hays Secondary.

Baker mentioned the Riverboat Days tourney will be his last with the Seamen.

“I physically don’t want to play anymore. I’ll be 34 in October. I’ve put enough pressure on my body where I don’t really want to do that anymore,” he said.

Due to declining numbers, the future of the Seamen rugby squad is up in the air for 2015, with three members heading to post-secondary schools in the fall and only a few members still actively playing beyond this summer.

The Seamen’s veteran Roddy Lawson did not immediately return the Northern View’s messages regarding the status of the club moving forward.

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