Retiree Curling: Rakuson holds on for win

Despite a couple of promising ends for Walsh, Rakuson took last week's game 6–5.

In Trail Retiree Men’s curling action last week, Team Brett Rakuson stormed out of the gates against team Murray Walsh, stealing four in the first end. The game then turned into a defensive struggle with the Rakuson side keeping the Walsh side in check.  Despite a couple of promising ends for Walsh, Rakuson took the game 6–5.

Team Tom Hall took singles in the first three ends against team Clare Coleman.  The Coleman side was on the wrong side of the inch but still in the game.  Coleman took singles in four and five, but a couple of double takeouts in six an seven by Hall sealed the win, make the final 5 – 2.

In a low scoring game through seven ends it was team Ernie Brown up by one over the Pat Fennell foursome.  The eighth end proved Brown’s undoing.  With two shots at scoring, some tricky ice had team Brown wrecking on well placed Fennell guards resulting in an 8-5 loss.

In a game that featured great shots at every position, a steal of four in the third end, followed by giving up three in the fourth.  Teams Harvey Handley and team Forrest Drinnan battled back and forth for eight ends.  In a game that no one deserved to lose, no one did.  Make the final 8 – 8.

Trail Daily Times