REC REPORT: Keeping youth active at the Grand Forks Aquatic Centre

Grand Forks Recreation recommends keeping youth active this winter at the Grand Forks Aquatic Centre.

Remember the participation badges back in elementary school? You tried so hard to earn a bronze, silver, gold or excellence.

Remember all the active games we played as kids, running, jumping and climbing? Those were the days and the only time you went indoors was lunch and bed time.  How time evolved and those active games were replaced by the electronic games and little active play.

Our younger generation has developed more health issues, and obesity levels in our children today has reached an all time high. Grand Forks Recreation (GFREC) would like to help bring that level back down and get our children into active and healthier life styles.

Make free-time a fun, regular time for active play.

Give children and youth the opportunity to play freely and spontaneously after school and on the weekends by letting them decide what they like to do. They can connect with other children at the playground, play a game of hide-and-seek, dance or explore nature. Create a safe, open area at home, either indoors or outdoors, with balls and toys that encourage active play.

Create an environment that helps foster imagination and spontaneity, with access to items to build a fort, a costume trunk and music.

Accept that teens and “tweens” need free time to play without direct supervision, and without the assumption they are “up to no good.”

Look into different play spaces, like fields or nature areas, to help facilitate active play. Check out Grand Forks’ aquatic centre and arena during the winter months enjoy a swim or skate.


Child and youth stocking stuffer five passes are on sale for the month of December.

These passes make great gifts and will help you with your shopping.


Seniors are invited to come to the 26th Annual Seniors Tea held at the aquatic centre lobby on Wednesday, Dec. 12. We ask that you bring a snack to share with the others. Join the group for Christmas caroling and socializing before the holiday rush begins.


Santa will be visiting Christina Lake on Friday, Dec. 14 at the community hall from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Santa will be there for a short visit before rushing off to get ready for Christmas.

Please pick up a December flyer for details on the upcoming community events, or give GFREC a call at 250-442-2202 or email us at

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