Putt powers through first weeks of Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge

Three weeks down and 10 to go as Chilliwack's Carolyn Putt improves her health through the Kin's Green Fighters Challenge.

Three weeks into the Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge, Carolyn Putt says things are going well.

The Chilliwack native was among 13 contestants from the Lower Mainland chosen to participate, with each contestant challenged to improve their overall health throughout 13 weeks.

Putt and the others had their health levels tested a few weeks ago, and they’ll be tested again once the competition ends.

The one showing the most improvement wins a cruise for two to a sunny destination.

Putt did her weigh in five weeks ago, and has done three of the 13 weekly challenges.

Putt won the first challenge, getting more likes and comments than anyone else for a photo of herself that she posted to Facebook.

The latest challenge had a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Putt was asked to cook a green meal.


Everything green.

“I did up an appy of cucumber cups filled with edamame hummus, served with kale chips,” she said. “It was served with a main course of spinach and kale frittata and mixed green veggies.”

For desert, Putt whipped up a fruit salad in a pear bowl, served with grapes covered in frozen lime yogurt.

Putt has already made big changes to her eating and exercise habits.

Normally a huge fan of cereal, Putt has found herself cutting back on her favourite food.

“That’s been the biggest change,” she said. “I used to go through a four litre jug of milk each week with my cereal, and now I’m going through 500ml or less.”

As part of the challenge, contestants are provided free fruits and vegetables from Kin’s Farm Market.

“Instead of my typical bowl of cereal in the morning, I am either having an apple and yogurt and a hard-boiled egg, or apple slices with peanut butter and a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese,” Putt explained.

Putt intended to allow herself one ‘sweet cheat’ per week.

She’s skipped a couple, but did allow herself some apple crisp, chocolate brownies and a slice of ice cream cake.

Putt activated her three month pass to the local leisure centre March 1 and has only missed three days since.

“Just yesterday though, I noticed that on my days of doing cardio (running/biking) I’m getting pretty bored,” she admitted. “I need to figure out how to get the staff to put the televisions to more interesting channels. Why do they have to have all three TVs showing sports?”

If Putt can’t persuade the leisure centre to show more variety in their TV choices, she’ll be picking up a cheap iPod on Craigslist.

She’s tried some classes lately, thinking a group workout might be motivating.

“I went to one step class and vowed, ‘never again!’” she laughed. “It was crazy confusing and I felt like I was just floundering my way through the whole time.”

Putt faces a huge challenge this weekend when she attends three pot-lucks full of yummy food.

Keep an eye on the Progress to see how she does as the Kin’s Green Fighter Challenge proceeds.

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