Pucek set to appear in Clash, while defending champ Kim impresses in title fight in Langley

Port Kells Boxing Club product Julian Kim continues to dominate.

Langley resident Sarah Pucek is the Canadian featherweight boxing champion.

Langley resident Sarah Pucek is the Canadian featherweight boxing champion.

Brandon Busby never quit Friday night inside the Coast Hotel ballroom.

But facing B.C. super middleweight champion Julian Kim in the main event of the Clash at the Cascades 41 amateur boxing card, Busby had all he could handle.

In the second round, Busby was hit with a solid shot, forcing a standing eight count from referee Dale Walters.

After the eight count, the bell sounded to end the round.

In the third round, it looked like Busby had not recovered; Kim measured him, and then landed forcing a stoppage. The bout went into the books as a third-round KO.

The first round was competitive; the second saw Kim start to find a way to make Busby miss while countering with short clean shots and at that point, the bout belonged to the Port Kells Boxing Club product.

“Brandon Busby was ranked No. 1 for a reason he is a formidable fighter,” Clash organizer Dave Allison said. “Kim dispatched him, making it look easy.”

The semi main was also a B.C. title bout with Josh Wright of Ocean City Boxing, the former super welterweight champion facing Ari Ashari of Raincity Boxing in a five-round title match. “This was a very close fight boxed at a very high level with a decision going to Ari Ashari,” Allison reported. “Boxing fans were not happy with the result feeling Wright had won.”

The bout will be re-matched April 1 at the Coast Hotel.

Langley City Boxing’s Chris Chiavacci had his biggest challenge to date, facing Kurtis Waterston of Carlson Gracies in a super lightweight match.

“The fight was spirited however Chiavacci would not be denied landing a devastating right hand several times,” Allison related.

Waterston went down twice and the fight was stopped by referee Gregg Harrison late in the second round.

In an all-Surrey match Manny Dhillon of Suitelas Gym faced Buneet Bisla of Bilslas Gym in a four-round fight.

In the early going, Bisla was a little too fast for Dhillon, opined Allison, and as the match progressed it became closer, with the decision ultimately going to Bisla.

In a youth bout, Jerrell Serrano of Port Kells re-matched Manraj Dhanoa at 147 pounds, in what Allison described as “a very good match.

“The fight was very close and was awarded to Manraj Dhanoa,” Allison said.

The next Clash at The Cascades will feature Fort Langley’s Sarah Pucek, the current Canadian featherweight champion.

Pucek will take on Stephanie Essensa of Red Deer Alberta in a non-title professional fight.

Last Friday’s Clash was supposed to be the first pro-am in the series, however the pro bout featuring Pucek was postponed to April 1.

The April 1 Clash will mark the first time Pucek will get a chance to fight in front of a hometown crowd, Allison noted.

Also on the card will be the rematch between Wright and Ashari for the B.C. super welterweight championship, along with another five to six amateur matches.

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