The BV Pool and Recreation Centre will be closed for it annual maintenance shutdown from Sept 03-16.

The BV Pool and Recreation Centre will be closed for it annual maintenance shutdown from Sept 03-16.

Pool closed for annual maintenance

Facility will be fully open on Sept. 16

We don’t have to like it but it comes around at this time of year, every year. The kids go back to school after what might have seemed to be an endless summer break.

We quite often have to prepare to get back to work after some way-too-short summer vacation. We have to get ready to break out the fall clothes. Deep sighs all around.

Let’s not forget the annual pool maintenance shutdown. Every fall the BV Pool and Recreation has its own holiday from use in order to get its necessary scrubdown and care.

Of course this year is no different, with the shutdown having begun at the start of this week and running through to the 16th.

Facility programmer Emma Jacobsen explains that there are always questions about the shutdown and the availability of the different parts of the facility.

Most of the facility will be unavailable for use by the public. The pool, hot tub, sauna, the gym, and the climbing wall will all be closed. The squash courts will be available but she wanted to remind tentative users that the change rooms will be closed during the shutdown.

The front desk will be open from 9-5 each day for registration in facility programs such as swimming lessons and climbing wall activities.

During the shutdown, the pool will be drained for a comprehensive cleaning and inspection. There will also be a few minor upgrades that can only be performed while the pool is empty.

Jabobsen explained that work being done should be considered regular maintenance and minor upgrades. In addition the entire facility will be scrubbed down in a manner not possible while the pool is filled with water and open for regular use.

Some of the equipment in the gym is being replaced and upgraded as well. One such apparatus is a treadmill which is currently going under auction. For anyone interested, there is an auction form at the front desk in the lobby.

During this time the staff will also undergo training. As in most aquatic facilities in smaller communities, adequate staffing is a constant concern and at the end if the summer when many of the staff return to continue their education at universities and colleges, the pool is once again looking to increase its staff.

New programs for the fall will include a women’s climbing clinic which will begin when the centre reopens. The clinic will be designed for new or inexpert climbers and will be led by experienced instructors.

In addition other climbing programs will be available to boost the increasingly popular climbing programs currently in place.

In the pool, there will be a senior lifeguard club to bolster the junior club already in place. These clubs are designed for swimmers who are between the regular swimming lessons and the Bronze program which is more focused on lifesaving, first aid and fitness. In addition, these will introduce young swimmers to the lifesaving as a sport with its various competitions.

Those who have questions concerning the shutdown or any programs that the facility will be operating should contact the facility at 250-847-4244.

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