Desiree Zerr glides easily across the ice. (Photos/Adam Louis)

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Hope Skating Club members practice their art

The young athletes spent some time on the ice to show off their progress this year

  • Mar. 23, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Though the annual skating carnival couldn’t happen this year, members of the Hope Skating Club were able to get some time in the spotlight in a different way.

Star 7 skater Desiree Zerr and a few members of the Star 1 group joined coach Sarah Steberl on the ice to shoot some video for the local Facebook group.

“With sad hearts, because of COVID, we were not able to do a skating carnival this year,” Steberl posted on the Hope B.C. Bulletin Board. “The skaters and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little video for everyone to see their progress. They all did a great job this year!”

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See the video and a full photo gallery online at

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Briella Rodney holds her balance as coach Sarah Steberl skates behind (Photos/Adam Louis)

Zoey Dillon perfects her form. In lieu of a skating carnival this year, the Hope Skating Club posted video content online for spectators to enjoy. (Photos/Adam Louis)

Desiree Zerr prepares for a jump. (Photos/Adam Louis)

Briella Rodney mirrors her coach Sarah Steberl while skating at Hope Ice Arena. (Photos/Adam Louis)

Briella Rodney (front) remains steady on her skates. (Photos/Adam Louis)

Briella Rodney slides gracefully onto the ice (Photos/Adam Louis)

Photos/Adam Louis

Briella Rodney and Desiree Zerr dance on the ice during a particularly fun song at Hope Ice Arena. (Photos/Adam Louis)

Zoey Dillon thinks through her next move as coach Sarah Steberl watches closely. (Photos/Adam Louis)