NY Mets outfielder Jason Bay feeling better

Despite the concussion, the Trail native may be back in action earlier than expected.

New York Mets outfielder Jason Bay may be back in action earlier than expected.

After running into the left-field wall while attempting a diving catch in a game against Cincinnati Reds on June 15, the Trail native was diagnosed with a concussion and expected to be out indefinitely.

“The first few days I kind of felt a little groggy, a little headache and stuff,” Bay told ESPN reporters. “But over the last probably two, three days, I feel astronomically better. I did all my tests, all that stuff, and am waiting to hear back (from the doctors). … Hopefully in the next couple of days I can start up activity again and go through that progression and within a couple of weeks be fine. But I actually feel really good.”

Bay hopes to return to the team by the all-star break but recognizes it will be up to doctors to clear him to begin physical activity to see if symptoms return.

The concussion is less severe than the one he incurred at Dodgers Stadium two years ago, when he continued to play two games after the injury. He believes immediate rest and a week of no activity helped in his recovery this time around.

“I can’t rank it, but last time I ran into the wall and it didn’t feel that bad,” Bay said. “I played a couple of games, flew back — did a lot of things that I didn’t know any better, because I didn’t feel that bad. That really put me behind, in talking to the doctors. The first week after any kind of head ordeal is important. And this time, someone drove me home. I kind of had a week at home of really relaxation, just kind of doing nothing, and really turned the corner after five, six, seven days or whatever.”

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