New Saratoga Speedway season starts May 7

Speedway will be introducing new Mad Max Extreme Racing class this season

After a gruelling off season that saw Vancouver Island get blasted by Mother Nature, the sun has finally returned to the Sunshine Coast, just in time to start off the 2016 racing season at Saratoga Speedway.

So far, over the off season, more than 30 kids under the age of 16 have taken the Speedway driving school, with many more to come before we drop the flags on May 7 for our opening night.

On said night, Saratoga Speedway will be presenting the first fireworks show of the season to kick off the year. Every class local to the Speedway will also be featured on the night: The I.M.C.A. Modifieds, Roadrunners, Hornet Cars, Mad Mac Racers, Crash to Pass cars and the Bomber cars will all be duelling it out for double points to start off the season.

The Speedway will also be hosting the first North vs. South demolition derby later in the year, bringing back the derby after a one-year hiatus. There will be two events held between Western Speedway in Victoria and Saratoga, with all the points from both nights being added together to create a winner.

For full details on all of the rules on how to start building your race cars and to check out the full 2016 schedule, visit

For the first time in the past 10 years, Saratoga will be introducing a new class: Mad Max Extreme Racing.

What is Mad Max Extreme Racing? All vehicles must be six cylinders and must have a theme to their cars, meaning if you want to theme it after your favourite sports team or favourite movie, you may do so, but they must have their own theme. The way the racing works is very much like your usual Crash to Pass style, minus the big hits you see that spin cars out. Instead, cars are encouraged to bump each other around, just like how the old saying goes “Rubbing is Racing.”

Once the weather is nice enough during the summer, the Speedway Go-Karts and Pegasus the Monster Ride Truck will start to run seven days a week again from noon to 4 p.m.

With all that being said, we wish to invite you all back to enjoy our 2016 season, with yet another great year of family entertainment in store for you.


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