Crowd at 2017’s race. (Josh Casey photo)

Crowd at 2017’s race. (Josh Casey photo)

Moricetown Mud Bog stuck in a rut for 2018

A busy personal life for organizers means there will be no Moricetown Mud Bog in Witset this year.

The always popular Moricetown Mud Bog event which has been running for the last 14 years will be on a hiatus this summer.

The annual event in Witset is packed with action and filled with fun. There are usually four street truck classes, five competition classes, a sled class, a quad class, and a side by side class.

In addition for the kids there are games for the kids as well as face painting and a bouncy house.

“We shut it down this year. I just don’t have time this year,” said organizer Chris Gagnon.

“All of my kids are in school and living out of town is an inconvenience,” he explained.

The event has been a family operation for the last 14 years and with everyone working this summer, nobody had the time to devote to putting together a well organized event.

“It takes a good 10 days to get it all prepared and we just don’t have the time this year,” he said.

The Moricetown Mud races have been part of a series of popular off-road races throughout the Northwest and the rest of Canada. It was supposed to happen July 21-22 this year.

Gagnon is confident that the event will be back up and running again in the future.

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