Jaxon Peters of the Silver Star Freestyle Club touches the sky at Silver Star.

Jaxon Peters of the Silver Star Freestyle Club touches the sky at Silver Star.

Medals galore for freestylers

The Silver Star Freestyle Club pocketed numerous medals last weekend.

Morning Star Staff

The B.C. freestyle season wrapped up last weekend at Silver Star Mountain Resort with 190 athletes competing in an event hosted by the Silver Star Freestyle Club.

Super Youth athletes aged from six to 13 race in moguls, slopestyle and medley events. Results from Silver Star Freestyle Club:

Female: U7: Paige Leahy – gold in slopestyle and silver in medley.

U9: Melody Fagerlund – 4th medley, 6th moguls, 11th slopestyle; Sloane Smith – 6th slopestyle, 7th medley and 10th moguls; Ella Garrod – 8th slopestyle, and 12th in moguls and medley.

U11: Megan Henderson – 8th moguls, 9th medley and 12th slopestyle; Kendall McKinnon 20th slopestyle, 11th moguls and 12th in medley.

Male: U7: Liam Person – gold in slopestyle and medley, 4th moguls; Alexandre Wargniez – gold in moguls, silver in medley and 5th in slope; Anderson Bicknell – silver in moguls and bronze in slopestyle, 6th in medley; Lucas Ball – 4th slope, 7th medley and 8th moguls.

U9: Kyle Bush – gold in slopestyle, 4th moguls, 6th in medley; Alex Sewell – silver for medley, bronze in moguls and 5th slopestyle; Mason Swanson – 6th slopestyle and 8th medley; Max Ball – 6th moguls, 9th slopestyle and 10th medley.

U11: Jaxon Peters – 5th slopestyle, 10th medley and 11th moguls; Evan Bush – 7th for medley; Mason Land – 9th moguls.

U13: Jakob Plank – silver in moguls; Brayden Beckley – 7th in both slopestyle and medley.

Timber Tour athletes aged 12 to 18 competed in two slopestyle events and moguls. The results from Silver Star Freestyle Club are as follows:

Female: F14: Elena Gaskell – gold in both slopestyle events.

F16: Jamie Rykuiter – silver in moguls; Connie Henderson – 5th in slopestyle and 6th in moguls and slopestyle2.

Male: M14: Matt Gardner – 5th in both slopestyle events and 7th moguls; Caden Danbrook – 6th in slopestyle2; Sam Rampado – 8th in moguls; Liam Bush – 8th in slopestyle1.

M16: Declan Stevenson – 5th slopestyle1 and 9th moguls; Landon Gordon 7th in both slopestyle events and 10th in moguls; Hayden Broderick – 8th in slopestyle1; Max Fenn – 8th in moguls.

M18: Zachary Fenn – Silver in both slopestyle1 and moguls, 5th in slopestyle2; Patrick Marsh – bronze in moguls, 5th and 8th in slopestyle1 and 2 respectively.

Also competing from Silver Star were: Braden Daburger, Jacob Defeo, Keaton Dick, Tate Garrod, Connor Hamilton, Jarvis Jurome, Carter Leahy, Nathan Sewell, Cody Wessels, Jaiden Gordon-Mason, Benjamin Rampado, Nicholas Suchy and Erik Urquhart.


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