Larch Hills skiers compete in nationals

Eight Shuswap skiers participating in the National Cross-Country Championships in Quebec, March 17 to 24.

It’s been a couple of fabulous weeks of skiing both in the Larch Hills and beyond.

At the end of February a number of us local folk took a ski trip to Field. It was an unexpected, unqualified success. Little did we know what gems the area offers for cross-country skiers.

Stayed at the Kicking Horse Lodge in Field – a quaint Inn which had its origins with Salmon Arm’s Louis-Marc Simard and Pam Rhine. Checked in at the Parks Information Centre for maps, to find out that Parks track sets right from the Information Centre to Emerald Lake and around, including five kilometres on the alluvial fan at the end of the lake. A lovely day’s outing.

Next day we skied up the Takkakkaw Falls Road as far as we could before it was evident the avalanche danger was prohibitive. This being that “extreme danger in the back country” weekend, we were extremely careful.

I must say, Field is a great getaway destination for cross-country skiing.

The annual Cinnamon Bun Run with the Wenches, and affiliates, took place Thursday. Nineteen Larch Hills skiers skied from Sovereign Lake up Lars Taylor Way to Paradise Camp in the Silver Star system for their “over the top” cinnamon buns, then down Aberdeen. Good conditions, lots of laughter.

The outing was capped by Afke’s amazing Pecan Torte back at the Sovereign Lake Lodge. Surely does sound like we ski to eat.

Back up to Sovereign on Saturday to cheer on our LH gang at the Sovereign Lake Loppet. We had 20-plus LH skiers entered,  from under six to over 50. The vivid yellow/blue LH racing shirts were not hard to pick out as Jim and I skied to various positions on the course  with our bell to encourage the LH skiers.

Those new bright shirts and beautiful blue/yellow team jackets really make the LH gang visible. And on the podium you could tell who was Larch Hills. Way to go, team.

Speaking of teams, we have eight LH skiers going to the National Cross-Country Championships in Quebec, March 17 to 24: John Connor, Kyle Flatman, Thomas Hardy, Silken Kleer, Carmen Underhill, Eliza-Jane Kitchen, Adrienne Underhill and Alysson Marshall.

Races will be held at Mont Ste. Anne but also, interestingly, on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City. Best of luck to our athletes as they represent Larch Hills and B.C.

Also on the competition schedule are the Canadian Masters Championships in Golden, March 11 to17. The only qualifying criteria is to be over 30 years old.

I have skied in many Masters events and they are always great fun. Good luck to the LH Masters racers.

With Metford Road track-set right down to South Canoe, there have been many folks skiing up and down this road this season. Jim and I skied up last Saturday. Very pleasant, with wonderful views. Of course, the trip down is worth the trip up.

Another amazing overnight at Cec’s Cabin, this time with both grandkids Maggie, 9, and Max, 6, last Monday. What a magical happening.

Our foray into single track White Pine Walk and Treebeards was a hit. Next year two nights and fat basket poles to give more time for adventuring. The temperature dipped to -10 degrees but had warmed up some by the time the track setter visited us at sunrise.

Great spring skiing out there. Go for it.












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