Lakers recognized at awards banquet

Pen High shined the spotlight on its top Laker athletes

All the attention was on Pen High Laker athletes on May 17 during its athletic awards banquet.

The school recognized its top athletes for their achievements and successes during the season. Several shared the spotlight for the specail awards. Hannah Clarke and Shantelle Bishop were presented with the Robyn Muir Award, presented to an athlete who is an inspiration to both athlete and coaches. The recipient should exhibit inspiration both off the “playing field” as well as on. Clarke played for the basketball team, while Bishop recently played for the rugby side.

Lenaic Madevon and Cali Anderson received the Ewart Award, “given to an athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication on behalf of others.”

Lyndzie Caron, Jaren LeFranc and Jacob Stokker received the Stiopu Award “given to an athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, ability and leadership towards other, but more specifically exhibits dedication to improve himself/herself and his/her skills and an athlete.”

The other major award, Kevin Wager, went to Riley Dunsmore and Tayedra Koppe, and is presented to Grade 9, 10 or 11 atheletes who are coachable, and display a positive attitude to teammates. They also show passion and dedication to their sport.

Lakers Athletic Medals – These are handed out to athletes in recognition of their contributions and participation towards sports at Pen High. The medals are awarded based on a point system involving the number of teams and sports an athlete participates on.

Bronze medal recipients:

Jordell Afonso, Cali Anderson, Bishop, Brooke Boerner, Lyndzie Caron, Emmy Caruso, Beau Chetner, Brynn Clark, Nathan Clements, Annick Cole, Garrett Cruickshank, Kayley Davies, Daniel Everton, Cam Glibbery, Maggie Harries, Mason Heintz Emily Hoffman, Kathryn Hollman, Braden Innes, Anna Klara-Crowley, Samuel Lasinski, Jaren LeFranc, Abigail Lepke, Kali Loewen, Xelian Louw, Ross Millar, James Naude, Sarah Newsted, Connor Oh, Samantha Oliver, Natalie Parkin Andre Rachiniski, Declan Riddle, Elena Selles, Belize Souch-Tremblay, Annalise Spence, Stokker, Shelby Sturko, Kenzie Tarbet, Sophie Taylor, Olivia Tom, Spencer Toneatto, Kristen Vandeweghe, Joy Wang, DJ Warkentin and Ashley Zimmaro.

Silver Medal Recipients:

Haley Berrisford, Clarke, Spencer Finlayson, Celine Francisco, Liam McHale, David Paisley and Britney Young.

Gold Medal Recipients:

Jackson Coates, Nicholas Everton, Jean Grakul, Alexandra Neenan and Jerry Xiang (and silver).

Lakers Inspirational Award – These awards are given to Grade 9 – 11 athletes who demonstrate sportsmanship, motivation, and leadership towards others both on and off the “playing field”, and who also volunteer their time to assist teammates, coaches and other athletes.

Grade 9: Emma Barron, Tess Widney, Stephen Searcy and Isaiah Collins

Grade 10: Sarah Newsted, Emma Terris, and Benjamin Say

Grade 11: Chloe Brydon and Liam McHale

Top Grade Athletes – These awards are given to athletes who are considered to be the top overall for their grade and are often multi-sport athletes who achieve high levels at all their chosen sport(s).

Grade 9 Female Athlete: Sophie Brydon, Maria Iannone and Jaden Yamamoto

Grade 9 Male Athlete: Mason Holt and Elijah Grant

Grade 10 Female Athlete: Brooklyn Boerner, Kalli Doell and Kali Loewen

Grade 10 Male Athlete: Ross Millar

Grade 11 Female Athlete: Haley Berrisford and Mackenzie Wallich

Grade 11 Male Athlete: Daniel Everton

Grade 12 Female Athlete: Jean Grakul

Grade 12 Male Athlete: Samuel Matthew and Jacob Stokker

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