Lady golfers stay dry despite unkind weather

The weather was not kind. However, everyone stayed dry

Marg Anderson sits on her cart as she counts up the scores for the team.

Marg Anderson sits on her cart as she counts up the scores for the team.

There were 11 ladies out for Ladies Night on June 1, which was rather a low number but the weather was not kind.However, everyone stayed dry even with the looming black clouds.

Seven of us played the fun game of “best poker hand” but you will have to wait until next week to find out which team had the best hand.A lot of the cleanup work has been done to remove all the blowdown from last week. Great job, everyone.

The winners from the May 25 Ladies Night were: Flight#1: Debbie Pearce – low gross, long drive in 2; Madeline Klassen – low net; Deanna Pendergast – KP on #5, long drive; Marg Anderson – long putt.

Flight #2: Jayna Jung – low gross, long drive in 2; Joan Streadwick – low net; Joan Slingsby – long drive; Abbey Bates – long putt.

Flight #3: Hazel Wadlegger – low gross, long drive; Rita Vandenborre – long drive in 2.

Larissa, Jan and Carol McNeil won the fun game of “Trees, Traps and Ponds” and racked up the big total of 23 points. Well, there were more trees to hit.Debbie got the KP on# 7.

Nice drive Deb. Several players managed to sink a ball into the pond and Larissa, Hazel, Lisa Fraser and Deanna all got replacements.Joan Slingsby had the least putts and Louise Courtney (a guest player) was the most honest putter.

Jan Johnston had a fantastic chip in and the Birdie Pot was won by Debbie Pearce.

Please note that the shotgun start will be at 4:30 p.m. from now on. Call Carol (674-8771) or Jane (587-6290) if you have any questions about Ladies Night.

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