Koehler finishes on top of Haney Masters Curling

The Haney Masters Curling League officially ended its season on Wednesday, March 18, with the Peter Koehler...

The Haney Masters Curling League officially  ended its season on Wednesday, March 18.

Following an inspirational speech to the curlers by William, “Cowboy” Gardner, the lads hit the ice and by the time the dust had settled, Peter, “The Curler” Koehler and his rink (W. Menkveld,  B. Stelp, Chris English) still held down top spot.

Bill, “Big Dog” McDowell (Clifford Wells, Svend Nielsen, Roland Hill) and Earl “The Curl” King (Al  Goldslide, Arnie Melissen, Bruce Nelson) were tied at second and “Steady” Jack Stadel hung precariously on to third.

Winners of the early draw included the Terry Lajeunesse  foursome of (Wayne Leech, Curt Slater, Rob Snowball), the Barry Elson “Bombers” (Hilly Boonstra, Chuck Spergeon, Jerry Batryn), Andy, “Flash” Ferguson (Tom Little, Jack Flottrop, Gregg Hook), Earl King and Company, and  Roger, “The Rink Rat” Fast (Darrell Winterlik, Ed Belsey, Keith Thompson).

Jim, ‘It’s-not-me-it’s-the-sweepers’ Maitland, (Tony Stadig, Grant Green, Tim Tyler), winner of the fall session, finished strong with  victory in the 12:30 draw.


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