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Keep motorized vehicles off Trans-Canada Trail

Government considers allowing off-road vehicles on Trans Canada Trail

  • Aug. 17, 2019 12:00 a.m.

Among the assets this area has are the abundant access to quiet, natural, places.

That is why the Trans Canada Trail was so warmly embraced here.

The respectful embrace is not unanimous, though. Fort Shepherd is damaged every time motorized access of any kind is allowed, for instance.

Now the supposedly green provincial government has plans to allow vehicles of all types and sizes on a 47-kilometer section of the Trail between Castlegar and Grand Forks – along the rebuilt old rail bed.

How can anybody believe this is a good idea?

Most places, but not everywhere, is not enough. Trucks and ATVs and snowmobiles and dirt bikes must be allowed everywhere, or the operators of some of them will ruin it for everyone?

What the government, including a quite powerful cabinet member whose riding includes the beginning of the trail, on this file, is beyond me.

Little slivers of land for non-motorized (outside of disabled transport, although even they cannot expect access to everywhere, either) use cannot be allowed, even when much of the work has been done by volunteers and paid for with donated money (along with federal tax money)?

Among the best selling points this region possesses are the access to actual nature, most of it usable in all manner of ways. A small but important part of that nature must be preserved for less obtrusive (non-motorized) uses, and as wildlife corridors, or it will cease being considered natural, or even near natural, territory.

The area also includes lots of man made facilities (parks, golf courses, accessible waterways, museums, libraries, theatres, urban promenades and the like,) which get less mention in boosterism terms than they deserve.

Drive your trucks towing your power boats, and your ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, etc. in and around those places where they are allowed because they do minimal damage to the areas and the experiences of others.

And leave the Trail alone.

C’mon folks.

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