Junior hockey provides break from labour woes and flies

No NHL, mucked up NFL, why not check out some local hockey games?

No NHL, mucked up NFL, and the shad flies are swarming at night.

So, why wouldn’t you head down to the arena and support your local junior hockey team?

The Smoke Eaters, seemingly getting into sync, have their home opener tonight.

The Nitehawks host their arch rivals from Castlegar Saturday.

All this after you take advantage of the sunshine during the days.

Let’s face it, the sun is long gone by the time these games begin, and they provide non-digital, non-big bucks, fast paced entertainment. So why wouldn’t you go?

I cannot for a while, but it isn’t an unfortunate circumstance.

My partner and I headed out this morning for a dream vacation, which I wouldn’t miss, although it means my first opportunity to catch this season’s edition of the Smokies won’t arrive (if things go as smoothly as hoped, that is) until mid-October.

You can start tonight and fill me in with your expert opinions on local junior A and B when I return.

I will follow the fortunes of local teams and issues from afar, of course, insomuch as the internet rates (incredibly high on cruise ships) allow, and am planning to submit my Friday missives as usual while travelling.

Then I will cram to catch up with local things when we return.

Meanwhile, of course, you and yours can get on board the junior hockey 2011-12 journey in support of local teams, organizers and players – more than a dozen between the two most local clubs.

The teams need, and appreciate, the support and if you are a hockey fan you will appreciate the effort and skill of the lineups involved.

Why wouldn’t you go?


As predicted, the NHL isn’t remotely close to having a season. Lots of talking around and over each other, lots of whining from fans on and off line, little or no effort on either side to get the league in gear.

As predicted, the high school officials the NFL is using are atrocious.

The games are afflicted by laughable decisions and take eons to conclude, so much so that even my firm six decade affection for American football can’t keep me making an effort to take it in.

Not as predicted, but as lamentable, my other six decade American passion, the Dodgers, haven’t benfited much from the biggest trade in major league history and seem highly unlikely to still be watchable by the time we return, although one supposes (and hopes) minor miracles still occur.

We will see. Ciaou..

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