Golf Tips with Dennis Bradley

It's summertime and the swinging isn’t easy... golf is not something that comes natural to most people.

Golf is not something that comes natural to most people.

The tendency for most is to  swing harder and faster to get the ball to go further, but this only makes a golfer worse. When the average player swings slow and easy they usually play better.

•Swing easy and let the club do the work.

The swing starts with the right shoulder going back first (for right-handed golfers) and the left shoulder will follow. Now both shoulders make a big turn with the core of the body doing most of the work.

The swing must be in balance and slow with a great finish – the most important element of a great swing. The finish will allow you to see where the ball is going.

When practicing your swing, finish with your weight on your front foot.

The weight must transfer from back foot to front foot as you finish your swing, this will make you hit it with maximum force and the least amount of effect.

Golf is a game that has the least amount of normal body motion. •Your head must stay still while the upper body moves.

The head is the key to hitting the ball solidly. A still head is the base of your swing – if your head moves forward you will hit the top of the ball. If it moves back you will hit the ball fat.

Keep a quiet head and swing easy to improve your game.

Practicing is essential, so get out and play especially now that Birchbank is even more affordable: $45 for 18 holes and $25 for 9.

Dennis Bradley is a CPGA Class A Professional and the club pro at the Birchbank Golf Course in Trail. Phone 693-2255 for a lesson or tee time.



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