Four birdies, hole-in-one at 108 golf tourney

Ladies played for money, bragging rights, coveted parking spot and a bottle of wine

  • Aug. 25, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Wendy Foster, left, and Nicki Hansen were the 108 ladies’ golf champions last weekend. Foster took the overall low net with a score of 146, while Hansen topped the overall low gross with 183. (Photo submitted).

The 108 Golf Resort greens hosted another club championship this weekend – this time for the ladies.

Over the course of a cool and slightly overcast weekend, 25 members of the 108 Ladies Club brought out their drivers and putters for a friendly competition. They played for money, bragging rights, a coveted parking spot and a bottle of wine.

Winning the championship with an overall low gross score of 183 was Nicki Hansen, alongside Wendy Foster’s overall low net score of 146. Both winners received $50 and a bottle of wine to take home.

Four birdies were scored over the course of the weekend with two of them made Saturday by Shannon Knapp and Lorraine Scott and a further two netted by Sarah Porterfield and Wanda Wallace. The lone hole-in-one of the championship went to Teresa Francis on Hole 4.

On Saturday, the ladies competed to see who had the longest drive and who could get their balls closest to the pin (K P’s) for $10 each. In the first flight, Hansen had the longest drive on Hole 3, Leslie Bell had the longest on Hole 2 for the second flight and in the third flight, Ann Pinkney had the best drive for Hole 1. When it came to being close to the pin, Scott took the prize in the first flight on Hole 10, while on Hole 15 the second’s flight Knapp claimed victory while Ann Pinkney once more won on Hole 12.

Sunday, meanwhile, saw the club keep track of their longest putts as well their K P’s. For K P’s, Maureen Pinkney, Janet Roux and Pauline Weigelt all took first in their flights on Hole 4. For long putts, the first flight saw Hansen take the win on Hole 11, Laverne Martin in the second flight sank the win on Hole 16 and Cheryl Eckert did the same on Hole 17.

Overall low gross scores for the tournament as a whole included Maureen Pinkney 186, Roux 194, Ann Pinkney 216, Porterfield 196, Knapp 196 and Georgie Westbrook 219. For low net scores, there was Scott 147, Angela Batalha 147, Weigelt 154, Carla Tetreau 161, Leslie Bell 150 and Darlene DeAngelis 165.

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Keeping busy

The 108 Ladies Club has kept busy on the weekends this August.

On Aug. 10, 26 of their members competed to see who could get the lowest scores on five blind holes. The chosen holes were Hole 2, Hole 4, Hole 6, Hole 8 and Hole 9.

In the first flight, Carol Ohlund claimed victory with a score of 18 followed by Shelley Larson with 19 and Judy Scarrow with a score of 20.5. The longest drive of the flight went to Sarah Porterfield on Hole 3.

Janet Roux golfed a game of 19.5 to the top of the second flight above Angela Batalha’s 20.5 and Leslie Bell’s 21, with Roux also taking the longest drive on Hole 3. For the third flight, Millie Halcro came on top with a score of 18 just edging out Pauline Weigelt’s 18.5 and Ann Pinkney’s 20. The longest drive once more occurred on Hole 3 and belonged to Wendy Foster.

Two birdies were made that day on Hole 5 by Teresa Francis and Clara Koehn on Hole 1, earning each of them $12.50.

The next week 30 of the ladies took to the greens to see who could manage the best low gross, low net and long putts of the day. Two birdies were made on Hole 12 netting Larson and Carla Tetreau $14.50 each.

For the first flight, the top low gross scores went to Maureen Pinkney with 45 and Larson with 46. On the low net side, Ohlund just edged out Lorraine Scott with a score of 36. 5 to 37. The longest putt of the flight occurred on Hole 16 for Scarrow.

Aki Minato comfortably took the lead for low gross in the second flight with 44 followed by Roux with 49. Laverne Martin made both the longest putt on Hole 14 and the lowest net score with 36 chased closely by Wanda Wallace with 36.5.

In the third flight, Lynda Lewis took first with a low gross score of 52 over Georgie Westbrook’s 55. For a low net score, Ann Pinkney clinched first place with a 36 over Darlene DeAngelis’ 37.5. On Hole 10 Westbrook made the longest putt.

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