Lenora Polin (left) and Brenda Deschenes lead a pack of Hope runners out of the starting gate at the 5-km Foam Fest run at Sun Peaks, north-east of Kamloops.

Lenora Polin (left) and Brenda Deschenes lead a pack of Hope runners out of the starting gate at the 5-km Foam Fest run at Sun Peaks, north-east of Kamloops.

Foam Fest delivers good clean fun

Five Hope families take part in the 5-km "Foam Fest" at Sun Peaks, near Kamloops

Barry Stewart

Hope Standard

Sometimes, you have to put away the stopwatch and just have fun. Such was the case for five Hope families, who took part in the 5-km “Foam Fest” at Sun Peaks, near Kamloops, on June 17.

“Five families participated, the Deschenes, Poulins, Hollmanns, Berrys and Cowans,” said Miranda Cowan, Monday.

“We pick this event as a fun team building activity,” added Miranda. “Brenda (Deschenes) has organized it over the last few years and we all do the course together. We wait at obstacles to make sure we all get through and can offer help as needed. Different team members have different strengths and we use this to get us all to the finish line together.”

Unlike events like “Tough Mudder,” standings and times at Sun Peaks aren’t recorded — and the obstacles might still be challenging… but they are definitely kinder and gentler. Thus the name: “Foam Fest.”

Where Tough Mudder might have mud, ice-cold water and electric shocks, Foam Fest offers inflatable slides and fluffy foam.

Even young kids can take part. Eight-year-old Lily Poulin made the age limit this year, so she was signed onto the team, along with her sister Arden and mom, Lenora.

“Last year, she came as a spectator and we realized that she could do it but she did go around a few of the obstacles, especially the ones that were really high,” said Lenora. “She got really cold, by the end — but she had a blast!”

“It’s really fun,” she said. “We even had mud fights and added challenges for each other. I love watching our team encourage each other over and through obstacles.

“Having Lily on the team was awesome this year, she was in it all the way!” chimed in Brenda, the leader of the “Hope Fit Fanatics” team, which flung the foam with about 4,000 other participants.

The families shared the rental of two condos for the weekend, so they could take in the other activities planned around the foam fest.

“I like how after the race, Sun Peaks and other vendors are family oriented, it keeps the whole family happy,” said Miranda.

“We spent time in the Sun Peaks village, explored some of the walking trails, and just had fun together,” said Lenora.

“There are also all kinds of other activities both through Sun Peaks and through 365 Sports, who put on the Foam Fest. There were bouncy castles and slides for younger kids — and there are go-karts and bungee trampolines that Sun Peaks has, that people could pay extra to try. There were also food trucks and other vendors, as well as many of the businesses in the Sun Peaks village.”

“We have a great, supportive group of people,” added Brenda. “A weekend away is why we do this run. We’ve been asked ‘why not do it in Abbotsford?’ — but what fun is that?”

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