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Serenity vault over Bear into first.

Serenity’s victories over Bear just keep getting easier as they are the only team to defeat their furry friends in regulation with this week’s 7-1 pasting giving them a 17-5 goal advantage in three contests.

The superlative team effort was lead by George (Of the Jungle) Paul who scored two early and was last seen hovering near the Bear Blue line looking for the hat trick.

Chipping in with a pair of points apiece were Glen (Chips ahoy) Goymer, Eric (The Fanatic) Stankic, Wade (Rivers) Fenton and Eric (Bonsai) Bodman who made no mistake with a post and in shot to give him a lofty 194 goals in his career.

Also scoring for the Builders was Todd (The Body) Gryshuck and (Darting) Darcy McGillivray who make up for their vertical challenge with their explosive speed and tenacity.

Meanwhile back at the ‘New Rink’ which may keep that name for another decade with a No vote this weekend, BCS vaulted into second place with a 5-3 victory over a GM group looking sluggish after their King of the Hill victory last weekend.

The black clad BCS side got a super human effort from Bruce (Almighty) Broughton who scored one and added a pair of assists as Budd (Crash) Carter scored a pair and added an assist despite playing at only 75 per cent.

Continuing his fine rookie campaign was Jason (Junior) Johnson who scored his ninth of the season as Brian (The Dominator) Domeris scored an unassisted beauty for his second.

Replying for the Chevy Crew was Kevin (Night Rider) Hesslegrave, Colin Keis (Avenue) and Grant (Plants) Johannesen who are looking forward to next week as they face the equally slumping Bear Bunch that they defeated last time in a shoot-out.

This week in Season nine (2002) Saw Red’s Chad (The Comet) Swanson score twice and assist on five as Bob (Cyclone) Taylor and Ryan (Wildone) Walker scored two each with Adam (Pinball) Veley notching his fourth of the year as he deposited the puck where he kept his peanut butter and Playboys in his youth.

–Steve Dodge is a defensive winger with Bear Communications and an Observer contributor.


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