Curling centre cheers champs

The local curling season has now ended and award banquets have been held for the various divisions of competition.

The local curling season has now ended and award banquets have been held for the various divisions of competition. So we’ll recap this week the winning teams from the ladies’ leagues that ran during the past year…

My thanks first of all to women’s division secretary-treasurer Jessie Whittam for passing along awards winners. From the first segment of Monday Night ladies’ league, recognized as A square winners was the team of Dianne Smith, Darcy Dregger, Laurie Grobowsky, Anita Chambers, Andrea Trepanier and Eleanor Voysey. The Smith team also took home the P&P Plumbing Trophy as aggregate runners-up for the entire year.

Winning the first B square was skip Marg Obee and her team of Noreen Martin, Sally Noonan and Moyra Graham. The Obee foursome then went on to win A square for the second portion of the year and earned the Able Trophy as overall aggregate winners based on total points for the season.

From the second portion of the season, B square winners were Marika Van Osch, Heather Lindsay-Lecuyer, Cindy Van Osch and Megan Blake. The final A square competition was won by the foursome of Leslie Shearer, Brenda Sillito, Penny Shantz and Belinda Rausch. First in the final B square was skip Zorka Smith along with teammates Wanda Cullen, Marla Guldbransen and Monica McKinnon.

In the Tuesday Ladies’ Business League, top team during the season was that of Jessie Whittam, Terrie Fraser, Susan Barber and Kellie Rice. Shirley Sloan, Karen Hungar, Sharon Wright, Barb Dysart and Carolle MacIntosh claimed the MNP Accountants Trophy as aggregate champions on the season.

Also from the Tuesday league, the top A square team was the Sloan foursome. Tops in B square was the Palynchuk team and winners of C square were Margie Carter, Sandy Ostle, Anthea Simick and Dorothy Sartore.

The Wednesday Night Ladies’ League split its season into two separate halves. Winning team from the first half, receiving the B.C. Painting Trophy, was that of skip Cheryl Toole along with Megan Blake, Ellis Richer and Sherry Blake.

As top team in the second half of the season, the entry of Brenda Sillito, Tricia Marsh, Lee-Ann Mitchell and Bev Mason-Wood received the Livewire Catering Trophy.

From the Thursday Afternoon league, the team of Marg Obee, Noreen Martin, Sally Noonan and Moyra Graham received several honours. The foursome finished first during the season, won the second B square competition and also took home the Thrifty Foods Trophy as aggregate winner. Heather Lindsay-Lecuyer, Carolle MacIntosh, Glynis Davis and Barb Cox captured the second A square title.

Other awards from the Thursday Afternoon league saw the team of Dianne Smith, Diana Johnstone, Eleanor Voysey, Diana Baker, Tanis Wilson and Andrea Trepanier recognized as the winner of the first A square. Top team in the first B square was that of Jill McGlenen, Sharon, Luttrell, Shirley Cookman and Lois Powell.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Thursdays.

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