Cougars enjoy Port Coquitlam jamboree

Two Comox Valley ringette teams in action at big tournament

THE COMOX VALLEY Comets girls teams enjoyed themselves at the Port Coquitlam Ringette Jamboree.

THE COMOX VALLEY Comets girls teams enjoyed themselves at the Port Coquitlam Ringette Jamboree.




To paraphrase Julius: “Vini, Vidi, Vici.” We came, we saw, we conquered.

On Feb. 22-24 the intrepid Comox Valley U10 and U14 Comets

travelled again to the Lower Mainland for another weekend full of fun and games. This time it was the Port Coquitlam Ringette Jamboree hosted by the Port Coquitlam Ringette Association.

This was an unsanctioned event and therefore left plenty of room for play and more play. Each team had the opportunity to, once again, demonstrate their acquired skills as they faced some serious and tenacious adversaries. Some 20 teams from the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan were present at this tournament.

Although everyone did well it is worth mentioning the outstanding performances by Michaela Poetker, Zoe Harrison and Inara Turner in the U10 group and Marley Harrison, Sumner Humphrey and Anya Boisvert in the U14 group.

As a result of conflicting schedule the U14 team was short of a few players which gave the opportunity for some of the U10s to play with the U14s. The schedule was such that some of these kids had to play back-to-back games and assuredly were relieved when the buzzer announcing the end of the second game finally rang.

Ringette is an incredibly fast-paced sport and did we have an opportunity to witness this as the teams were invited to a National Ringette Association game between the Vancouver Thunder and the Winnipeg Prairie Fire in Richmond on Sunday the 24th.

For those who were able to travel from Port Coquitlam to Richmond to attend this event, it was a feast.

The children were invited to tie up their skates and wear their helmets to be on the ice with the two teams for the traditional O Canada, after which some of the older girls acted as penalty

box gatekeeper. And then the whistle went, the game started and what we saw was some outstanding and incomparable skating skills, stick handling finesse and a game played with  frenzy, vivacity and unrelenting action. We were all in awe. The NRA is the ringette equivalent of the NHL.

For those interested, enter this link to Rick Mercer’s humorous  and entertaining report on ringette: Or visit the BC Thunder Ringette website where you can find more information about the team, the sport, its rules and subtleties.

Sadly, the Comox Valley Comets season will wrap up at the end of March. The players and their coaches are all looking forward to next September when they will be back on the ice, hopefully with many new players.

The Comox Valley Ringette Association holds a “Come try Ringette” event every year in September and they are looking forward to this event as it gives potential recruits an opportunity to try the game, test their skills and hopefully join the Association. See you next year.


– Comox Valley Ringette



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