Canoe club offering paddling camps

Penticton Racing Canoe Club is offering weekly paddling camps this month

Spots are open in the Penticton Racing Canoe Club’s junior paddling camps.

The club looks to attract five to eight youth aged 10 to 16 for camps held 9 a.m. to noon in August at Skaha Lake.

“It is such a fabulous program, not expensive and what a better way to spend time out on our beautiful lakes,” said Crystal McLeod.

Matthew Koster, instructor of the camps, said feedback from youth who have done the camps has been positive.

“People seem to really enjoy learning about what we have to offer at the Penticton Canoe Club,” said Koster, adding that among the activities they specialize in are paddle boards and outrigger.

While out on the water, the youth get the chance to learn a few tricks. Koster said there are a lot of little tricks and cool challenges the youth can do.

Youth interested in signing up can do so by emailing pentictonpaddlingcamp@gmail.com. They can also visit Penticton Racing Canoe Club or their Facebook page.

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