Bristle bashers lead

The league leading Bristle Bashers bested the Branch 76 Shooters in District 69 Darts Association play

The league leading Bristle Bashers bested the Branch 76 Shooters with Tedd Ducker, who won all five of his matches, leading the charge. Also helping the cause were Mike Driscoll and Dustin Fee, both winning four of their five games.

The Short Sighted Crew beat the Rocking Horse Oche-holics at home with John Eyre winning all of his games and Steven Eckhart winning four out of five games. The Crew’s Don Punter was tops for this week’s men’s high score with 174.

Branch 49 Dart Riders narrowly lost to the QF Straight Arrows with a 17-16 final. Paulette Huntley of the QF Straight Arrows threw a perfect score of 180 in the win.

Despite Legion Arrows captain Angie Kienas coming in with the lady’s high score of 160, the Cutting Edge Dragons were victorious over the Legion Arrows. With Steve Collins and Ken Hayes each winning all five of their matches and Sean Wallington winning four out of five, the Dragons were a force to be reckoned with.

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Results                               Wins    %

Legion 49 Bristle Bashers  200    7

Cutting Edge Dragons       173    62

Short Sighted Crew           146    55

QF Straight Arrows            145    49

Branch 49 Dart Riders       142    61

Rocking Horse Oche-Holics 140  7

Legion Arrows                    115    39

Branch 76 Shooters             78    26

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