Be a responsible cyclist – little eyes are watching

By Chris Newel, The Times

As an avid cyclist I am convinced bike helmets work.

Yes,  they mess the hair, maybe aren’t the right colour or design, but for me striking the pavement or a tree with my head is not an option.  That would definitely mess the hair, the colour would be red and the design, deformed.

Although I ride thousands of kilometers every year I have only been in a few crashes.  But I never know when the next one will occur.

Most, ironically, I have been off the road, and sometimes with nobody else around. The conditions were just right for that crash. Something I did not anticipate, it just happened.

So why is it that people believe that since they are not on a road or there is very little traffic they won’t crash?

It can happen, anytime, anyplace at pretty much any speed.  So why take a chance?

I hope adults take heed. All my crashes, where the helmet was replaced rather than my head, have taken place in my adult life.

Maybe you are a better rider, I don’t know, but please lead by example. There are little eyes watching you!











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