Bad Tattoo Brewery Masters Soccer

Scores from the Bad Tattoo Brewery Masters Indoor Soccer league

Penticton Lock and Key: 6

Goalscorers: Darryl Pace (2), Paul Borba (2) and Rob Lionello (2). Harvey-Lister-Webb: 4. Goalscorers: Darren Schimpf, Derrick Webb, Gord McLaren and Ernie Kish.

TC Auto Sales: 7. Goalscorers: Darren Schimpf (4), Mike Weckel (2) and Shawn Goodsell. Rona: 8 Goalscorers: Zico Pescada (3), Joe Kandola (3), Venna Veselka and Rob Jackson.

TC Auto Sales leads the league with 11 wins, five losses and one shootout win. Rona is second at 8-7-1-1, Harvey-Lister-Webb is 8-8-0-1 and Penticton Lock and Key is 4-11-1-1.

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