Athlete profile: Alpine skiing: Ethan McTavish

Ethan's goal is for a top 10 in the GS and a podium in slalom

Ethan McTavish makes a run in the slalom event at Hemlock.

Ethan McTavish makes a run in the slalom event at Hemlock.

Name: Ethan McTavish Age: 13

Sport: Skiing – Alpine

Hometown: Vancouver, BC Zone Name: Vancouver-Squamish (Zone 5)

1. Why are you committed to your sport?

I am committed to the sport because I love the thrill of going fast and I have great friends and coaches that help me on the way.

2. What are your goals for these Games and in sport?

My goal is to get at least a top ten in GS and maybe a podium in slalom

3. How did you train and prepare for the BC Winter Games?

I trained really hard at Whistler, and also I went up on Friday sometimes. I did some camps too.

4. What are your other activities are you involved in (other sports, arts, volunteering)?

I play field hockey and golf. I also play the guitar and volunteer for skiing sales.

5. Do you have any family members participating in these Games or who have participated in past BC Games or at national/international events? If yes, please provide details.

My sister has been in the BC winter games and she has taken the experience from that and she achieved many 1st places in our zone

6. Please share any other interesting stories about you and your involvement in sport.

I have gotten about 13 ribbons in my zone. Also I have gotten many injuries that have caused me from going to my first BC winter games in 2012 because of a concussion.

7. Why did you want to try out and qualify for the 2014 BC Winter Games?

I wanted to see my competition for provincials

8. Who is your coach and what is the most important thing she/he has taught you?

My coach is Jordan Williams and he has helped me get forward this season

9. Do you have a role model who has made an impact on your life (coach, teacher, family member, etc.)? If so, describe how they have impacted you.

My role model is my sister because she has helped me and given me pointers in the BC Winter Games.

10. What do you consider to be your highest achievement (athletic, academic, or other)?

My highest achievement has been in my last Teck race in Whistler when I got 3rd place

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