Kelowna Skating Club's Alexis Garost won three goal medals at the Okanagan championships in Armstrong.

Kelowna Skating Club's Alexis Garost won three goal medals at the Okanagan championships in Armstrong.

Alexis Garost leads Kelowna skaters at regionals

Members of local club win 37 medals at Okanagan event in Armstrong

The Kelowna Skating Club was out in full force at the 2015 Okanagan regionals in Feb. 13 and 14 in Armstrong.

Twenty-eight local skaters took home plenty of hardware with 37 medals.

Accounting for three of those medals was 11-year-old Alexis Garost.  Garost won the Juvenile Women’s event, while settling for silver in Open Elements and bronze in Silver Creative.

Also winning three medals of her own was Kelowna’s Makenna Jensen, with a trio of silvers from both segments of Pre-Novice Women and the Gold Creative event.

Madison Delcourt, 13, also had a weekend hat trick, as she struck gold in Gold Creative, along with a pair of bronze medals from the Novice Women’s events.

Vienna Harwood led Kelowna podium sweeps in the Pre-Juvenile Women and Silver Creative divisions.

Kelowna skaters also swept the medals in Novice Women, Pre-Novice Women Short Program, STAR5 Girls under 10, and Level 2 Elements events.  Olivia Marleau, Rochelle Reeve, Maya Rose, Emily Sales, and Brooklyn Cowen won gold medals, respectively.

Here are the full results:

• Novice Women Short Program: Olivia Marleau 1st; Rochelle Reeve 2nd; Madison Delcourt 3rd

• Novice Women Free Program: Rochelle Reeve 1st; Olivia Marleau 2nd; Madison Delcourt 3rd

• Pre-Novice Women Short Program: Maya Rose 1st; Makenna Jensen 2nd; Daria Carr 3rd; Ashley Sales 4th; Alyssa Dobbs 5th; Mikayla Consiglio 6th; Kaiya MacLeod 8th

• Pre-Novice Women Free Program: Makenna Jensen 2nd

• Juvenile Women:  Alexis Garost 1st; Summer Peitsch 3rd

• Pre-Juvenile Women: Vienna Harwood 1st; Julia Crowther 2nd; Madeline Foley 3rd

• Junior Silver Women: Abbey Reiter 1st

• STAR5 Girls U10:  Emily Sales 1st; Malayna Lesko 2nd; Brooklyn Cowen 3rd; Kiera Atkins 4th; Mackenzie Nelmes 5th; Aurora Schultz 7th; Katie Jones 8th

• STAR5 Girls U13: Zoe Wu 2nd

• STAR4 Girls U10: Taiya Knight 1st; Dar’ya Krylova 3rd

• STAR4 Girls U13: Amy Richardson 8th

• Pre-Intro Interpretive: Meghan Birmingham 2nd

• Elements 1 gr1: Dar’ya Krylova 4th

• Elements 1 gr2: Amy Richardson 4th

• Elements 2 gr1: Brooklyn Cowen 1st; Malayna Lesko 2nd; Mackenzie Nelmes 3rd; Aurora Schultz 5th

• Elements 2 gr2: Kiera Atkins 2nd; Katie Jones 6th

• Elements 3: Carson Consiglio 3rd; Vienna Harwood 6th; Madeline Foley 7th

• Open Elements:  Alexis Garost 2nd; Mikayla Consiglio 3rd; Summer Peitsch 4th; Daria Carr 5th; Madison Delcourt 6th

• Bronze Creative gr1: Dar’ya Krylova 2nd

• Bronze Creative gr2: Katie Jones 2nd; Aurora Schultz 5th; Amy Richardson 6th

• Silver Creative gr2: Vienna Harwood 1st; Mackenzie Nelmes 2nd; Alexis Garost 3rd; Kiera Atkins 4th

• Gold Creative: Madison Delcourt 1st; Makenna Jensen 2nd





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