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PODCAST: The Sea Gods of White Rock enter the Dragons’ Den

TODAY IN B.C.: SUP Paddleboard Company makes pitch on TV

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Host Peter McCully chats with Mandy and Ryan Johnston, the founders of Sea Gods Paddleboards, who take us on an inspiring journey through their entrepreneurial adventure, sharing their remarkable story of turning a passion into a thriving business. From the beautiful beaches of White Rock, to shipping paddle boards worldwide, the couple’s dedication to creating top-notch paddle boards is matched only by their commitment to promoting the sport they love.

“We wanted to paddleboard on the ocean. We’re living out here, and it’s beautiful, and it’s what we want to do with our two little kids,” said Mandy.

However, they couldn’t find boards that matched their vision. Fueled by their passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to embark on the journey of creating the perfect paddle boards.

What sets Sea Gods apart is their commitment to both artistry and performance. Mandy discusses how they wanted to infuse creativity into their boards, making them not just functional but also visually appealing. They joined forces with artists to bring unique designs to life, ensuring that each board carries a specific theme that matches the feeling and purpose of the paddleboard, whether for yoga or adventure.

As they navigated their path, Mandy and Ryan realized the importance of connecting with their customers on a personal level. They didn’t just aim to sell boards; they aimed to build a community and share their love for paddleboarding.

“Rather than just selling boards, we were selling the idea of the sport and then helping people navigate all the different things that are out there,” said Ryan

The couple share their adventure of getting on the TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’, the nerve-wracking experience of standing in front of the Dragons, and the lessons they learned during their pitch. The experience gave them valuable insights, including engaging with organizations like the BDC for business support.

You can find more information on Sea Gods SUP Paddle Boards here.

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