Writer says audio refutes Smith’s claim

Dear editor,

Re: Joe Smith’s letter, Developer in question not a bully (March 24 Record).

Perhaps Mr. Smith is unfamiliar with the meeting rules for UBID. Most of us are aware if we would like to speak at a board meeting, a request to the board is required to appear as a delegation. It’s the developer’s problem if he hasn’t figured that out yet.

We don’t have to take Mr. Smith’s version of events as a recording exists of almost the entire meeting Monday March 14, at 7 p.m.

Anyone wishing to hear what was actually said (I prefer evidence of what took place) the audio, although not great, is available at: bit.ly/1S9j2vO

The developer needs to send a new rep to get this development off the ground. His partner is poisoning Union Bay.

Mary Reynolds

Union Bay landowner




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