Writer makes wildest of environmentalist claims seem reasonable

I prefer to think that the hateful screed was intended as a parody

Is John Brackenbury serious? His recent letter attacks your editorial staff for applauding an end to the politically motivated audits of charitable organizations that disagree with the Conservative determination to extract every resource Canada has for sale to foreign corporations, although the people of Canada have ruled overwhelmingly on this issue, rejecting Stephen Harper and the Conservative belief that dissent must be stifled by any means available.

While I personally think some of these organizations are guilty of hyperbole in their defense of the environment, to accuse them of being “tools for foreigners to use in sabotaging our oil and gas industry and preventing the tidewater pipelines that are clearly in our national interest” makes the wildest of their claims seem totally reasonable.

Please tell me this was intended as satire. If not, Mr. Brackenbury is guilty of an arrogant attack on the right of every Canadian to do what they believe is best for the country we all love. I prefer to think that the hateful screed was intended as a parody of the very behaviours that led us as a nation to reject the values that Conservatism has come to represent.


David Lowther

Mesachie Lake

Cowichan Valley Citizen