Will you be going to the Women's Fair?

Will you be going to the Women’s Fair?


“No, because I will be going to a scrapbooking crop.”

– Pam Klassen

100 Mile Ranch

“Yes. Just to get out and see what they have. [I’m] looking forward to the Green Sisters booth, organic oils and such made locally.”

– Brenda McConville

100 Mile House

“Yes, I am because I have missed it the last couple of years and think it will be an interesting event to attend. They’re a lot of merchandising booth and I like to look at what is new and upcoming for products.”

– Jonelle Faessler

100 Mile House

“Yeah, I love all the exhibits. I’ve lived in the area for a long time so I like to support all the local exhibits and fairs and to see whats new and fresh like Spring.”

– Bonnie Dodge

100 Mile House


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