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Wild Sky Sisters: Cancer Season

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Cancer Season: Feel the River of your Emotions

Cancer season starts with the Summer Solstice on June 20th.

This is the seasonal initiation of Summer. We are moving from Yang energy – Gemini – Mutable Air to Yin Energy – Cancer – Cardinal Water. Sacred mind makes way for sacred feelings.

Cancer season is a time for healing our relationship – with ourselves, our family and our feelings. It’s a time to look at the ways that we nourish – both others and ourselves. From the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto and Viktor Schauberger, we know that water holds memory. Cardinal water is the source of it all. It’s the wellspring from where life forms.

Water is intuitive and empathetic. Cancer rules the breasts and the womb. The greatest nurturing mother of us all, Mother Earth is alive with activity during this beautiful shift in the northern hemisphere.

The best thing I’ve ever heard was from Pat McCabe on Speaking to the Water.

Pat talks about the prayers you can give to the water, which in turn evaporates to the Sky and is rained down upon all the lands. This gives you a sense of the nourishing presence of water and our relationship to it – and with the mother, our Earth.

Cancer is where we discover how to take care of others and ourselves. Cancer rules the ideas behind home, family and ancestral energy.

Ever felt a little crabby?

Probably because you’re not internally resourced. Maybe because you’re safeguarding your feelings and what is vulnerable to you.

That’s cancer energy too.

In an extremely polarized world, we have no choice – self care is non negotiable. Find all of the ways this season to take care of you! Let the sun shine down on the way in which you boundary yourself so that you’re FULL for the people you care about most. And then enjoy life with those you love.

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