Seeing deer or herds of deer in urban residential areas is a daily event for many residents in Saanich.

Seeing deer or herds of deer in urban residential areas is a daily event for many residents in Saanich.

Why did the deer cross the road?

Readers respond to the question: How often do you see deer in urban areas?”

In the Jan. 15 issue of the Saanich News, we asked “How often do you see deer in urban areas?” Here are a few responses from our readers.

We have deer in our neighbourhood at least twice weekly. A doe and her two twins from last year and two big bucks.

Bev Moseley


How often do we see deer in our neighbourhood? Oh dear, pretty much daily. Just now there are two bucks crossing into the neighbour’s yard.

There are two young ones born in the last six months and a couple of does around as well.

Sometimes one or two will snooze in the front yard letting the exotic bushes and other garden delicacies settle before moving on for another forage down the street.

Peter Gerber


Deer sightings: Around Hillcrest Avenue in Saanich almost every day, sometimes in herds.

Travelling around Victoria: every time.

Using mathematical calculations to establish the growth of the deer population based on conservative assumptions of life span, birth rates, accidental death etc., I have found that there is approximately a quadrupling in the deer population every five years.

Lynn Morton


I saw five deer (two with antlers) in my backyard before 9 a.m. We live off McKenzie near the Nellie McClung library on Oakwinds Street and we have a herd that lives in our back covenant area. At one point, we believe we were up to 15 deer.

They eat everything and it is impossible to have shrubs and flowers. Two at least have sustained injury along McKenzie and one was put to death on the property.

It is an impossible situation for the deer, for the people and for the drivers.

Barb Hill


I live next door to St. Vincent de Paul Society on West Saanich Road and I see deer on a regular  walking right past my livingroom windows, usually at night and often more than one at a time.

They’re looking for food and then they boldly walk across West Saanich. I also see them come across the highway to get up here.

I watch them just to make sure they don’t get hurt.

Sharron Ryan


Question: How often I see deer in urban areas?

Answer:  Daily, usually in multiple sightings of two or more. I had a close call early last night driving on Arbutus Road near Haro Road when two deer ran directly across the road in front of me.

I slammed on the brakes in time, but it was a close call.

Deb Serviss



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