When judging CVAC board, remember; you asked for it

Dear editor,

I am astonished that two people who were very instrumental in having town councillors and regional directors removed from the Comox Valley Airport Commission are now denouncing a decision by the very people who they empowered to run that organization to pay themselves.  When that change to the commission’s makeup was put forward, the Comox Council of the day was opposed to such a move.

Councillors of the day spoke against the move at an AGM.  Now we can see why. As well there was a hue and cry when Chuck Fast was unceremoniously fired.

That also may have not occurred or at least have been handled in a more diplomatic fashion if municipal and regional representation had been at the table.

I agree that airport commissioners should not be paid. Councillors and regional directors serve on a number of boards and societies without extra remuneration; Community Justice, Vancouver Island Regional Library, and Economic Development to name a few. The same expertise that they feel has to be paid for is available on a volunteer basis. I wonder what the mayor and council of Courtenay, who favoured non-municipal or regional representation on CVAC, think now.

To those who now denounce the CVAC board, but were previously in favour of non-municipal or regional representation I would say , too little too late or sometimes you should be careful of what you ask for. The time has come for the founding partners of CVAC to gather and find a way, even possible court action, to put the commission back into their hands. It worked to establish the commission and to find funding for the terminal and could be made to function in a more cost effective manner again.

DW (Don) Davis



Comox Valley Record