What a difference a year makes

BC Conservative Party director comments on premier's first anniversary

To the editor:

After winning the leadership of the BC Liberal Party Christy Clark stated:

“I want you to be my partners in change in Victoria. I want you to be my partners in bringing open government.

“You can count on me to listen, you can count on me to engage, and you can count on me to make sure government really does include you. I have specific ideas on how to do these things, but I also need to hear from you.

“My top priority will be to put families first. In British Columbia, we are blessed with families of all shapes and sizes, families as diverse as our great province.

“This is the foundation of our communities. This is the building block of our future.”

What a difference a little over a year makes. Since then, her government goes from one crisis to another.

She’s watched as people, who last election voted B.C. Liberal, moved to both the BC Conservative Party, and the NDP. She saw former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister John van Dongen switch to the BC Conservatives.

She’s seen one story after the other stating the B.C. Liberals may actually come third in the upcoming byelections.  She has also watched as both her approval rating, and the fortunes of her party fall in poll after poll.

Now, from all sides of the political spectrum, people are beginning to question if she can even survive as leader of the party before the next general election in May 2013.

What a difference indeed a little over a year can make, which is why people are asking, “How long can Christy Clark last?”


Alan Forseth

Region 10 director

BC Conservative Party

100 Mile House Free Press

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