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Letter writers commended for taking Penticton councillor to task

I applaud fellow West Benchers Judy and Al Sears for providing such a detailed and factual reply to Coun. Helen Konanz’s erroneous statement that we who live up here are sponging on Penticton and not paying for the services we use down the hill.

Her comments were particularly irritating as precisely the same allegations and conclusion (that we should join Penticton) were made a very few years ago by another councillor.  At that time, the then area director here replied to the charges and magically we heard no more about the Bench taking advantage of the city.

Let’s hope that in future city councillors do some research before making such accusations about the rural areas.  For myself, one of the many reasons I’m delighted that West Benchers voted to retain ownership of our water infrastructure is precisely the attitude shown in these two councillors’ comments.  As a group, we work, use the many services available, and shop daily in Penticton and I hazard a guess that the city’s economy would be seriously affected without our contributions; at the same time, as recipients of ‘basic’ services from the city, we expect to pay our share.

Eva Durance



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