We’re wireless and in the dark


Re: Waves of the future, Jan. 23 letters.


Re: Waves of the future, Jan. 23 letters.

So many of us are left deliberately in the dark when it comes to the deployment of wireless infrastructure in our neighbourhoods.

Until awareness is raised, this invasive and unhealthy technology will continue to appear at a rapid rate in our community living spaces; seemingly convenient for us, insanely lucrative for the wireless industry, and ultimately deadly.

There is so much evidence now to show that the RF emissions from wireless antennas and cell towers are harmful at a cellular level; yet Health Canada and our own B.C. health authorities continue to disregard new information. They are content with old science and outdated beliefs about safety, and use Safety Code 6 as an excuse to continue as usual.

The U.S., Britain and Canada have among the worst safety standards in the world when it comes to RF limits.

The wireless industry’s ace in the hole is that a misled and uninformed public demands this technology, and manufacturers are simply “meeting a need.”

For governments and authorities to acknowledge a problem would mean they would have to do something about it.

Health authorities will not act to protect us unless we are aware of the problem and speak up, as letter-writer Carl Katz is doing with his letter and in his daily life.

Linda Ewart, White Rock



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