Welcoming God into our homes

Rawlin Falk provides inspirational writing for Observer readers

Psalm 101:2 I will

give heed to the blameless

way. When will You

come to me? I will walk

within my house in the

integrity of my heart.


As I was reading

Psalm 101 it occurred

to me that there are

several significant

practices listed here

that will welcome the

presence of God into

our homes.

I chose to start with

verse two because the

question posed here is

the reason for the rest

of the commitments

the Psalmist makes.

“When will You come

to me?”

The Psalmist is

hungry for the presence

of God in his


He isn’t satisfied with

mere religious activity

but truly desires an

experience of the presence

of God.

On that basis, he

makes several commitments.

Each one of those

commitments is recognized

by the words,

“I will”.

The beginning of

any relationship, with

people or with God,

is founded on a willingness

to pursue that


The blessing of

God’s presence is reserved

for those who

are hungry enough to

pursue it.

“You will seek Me

and find Me when you

search for Me with all

your heart.” Jeremiah

29:13 (NAS95)

Rawlin Falk is

pastor with Maple

Park Alliance Church

Maple Park Alliance Church in Quesnel.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer